‘We Came as Romans’ singer Kyle Pavone dead at 28

A rising star in the metal music scene sadly passed away far too young.

Kyle Pavone, who shared singing duties for the band We Came as Romans, died this week at the age of 28.

The group announced his death via its Instagram page:

Starting strong

We Came as Romans formed in 2005 in Troy, Michigan.

The metalcore group went through several transformations during its beginning years.

After working its way through several lead singers, Kyle Pavone was added to the group in 2008.

He shared singing duties with Dave Stephens.

The two have dramatically different styles, giving the band a rather unique sound.

A perfect example of the contrasting styles is very much present in “Hope.” See below:

While the band was successful within its niche, it was struggling to gain massive commercial success.

This is actually very common, as some of the biggest names in the metal niche are still incapable of having “stadium” tours.

Changing the Sound

In an effort to make itself more appealing, the band started to change its sound to appeal to a wider audience.

When the group released “The World I Used to Know,” they got their wish commercially, but their base was not happy with the massive transformation. Listen:

Back to Its Roots

Over the next couple of years, the band went through yet another transformation.

Longtime drummer Eric Choi had left the group to pursue other interests and David Puckett took over.

After several of the band members took part in other projects, the group put out “Cold Like War,” which sounds much more like their earlier work:

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Pavone’s death will no doubt have a significant impact on the band’s sound, as the contrast his voice offered to Stephens is what made them truly unique.

The cause of his death remains unclear.

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