Properties Owned by Jared Kushner Under Formal Investigation

The bad news never seems to end for the Trump family these days.

Jared Kushner, son-in-law of President Trump and husband to Ivanka, has been notified applications regarding work permits at 13 of his buildings are now under investigation.

False Filings

According to the report on Associated Press, Kushner Cos. knowingly filed false reports for roughly 80 permits at 13 buildings owned by the developer.

The discrepancy, according to the report, is the company said it had zero rent-regulated tenants in the buildings when there were actually hundreds of them living in these buildings.

Buildings without rent-control tenants generally receive less scrutiny for improvement over buildings that have rent-control tenants.

The reason being developers want the rent-control tenants out, so they can charge top dollar for the apartments.

Kushner Claiming Innocence

The report stated that none of the documents were actually signed by Jared Kushner, but rather an employee of the company or his chief operating officer.

There also seems to be some discrepancy as to who actually filed some of the reports, as it appears numerous permits were originally filed by the previous owners.

Kushner’s company is also insisting that many of these mistakes are nothing more than typos, which the company corrected whenever they were brought to their attention.

Politically Motivated?

On Wednesday, The Kushner Cos. issued a statement claiming this investigation is nothing more than a “politically motivated attack” and that the company operates under nothing the but “the highest legal and ethical standards.”

Ultimately, though, the it is Kushner’s company and he is the one responsible for its actions.

It is a pretty reasonable assumption the extra scrutiny is politically motivated, but Kushner still needs to step up and take responsibility.

The best way for him to do this is to make a public statement about the permits and hold the person responsible for overseeing this aspect of his business.

It doesn’t really matter whose fault this is, because the optics on it are just awful.

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Kushner has the ear of a president that ran on the platform of being for We the People and on the surface, this looks like someone that is trying to take advantage of the everyday man.

He needs to fix this and he needs to fix it ASAP before it impacts Trump’s presidency in a more negative way.

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