Larry Kudlow suggests impeachment may be effort by Dems to distract from Trump’s economic achievements

There are dozens of theories floating around for why Democrats decided to go forward with President Donald Trump’s impeachment even though they don’t have solid evidence of a crime and the Senate will undoubtedly acquit him in a trial — and White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow just added one more to the list.

Just one day after two articles of impeachment against Trump were formally sent to the Senate, Kudlow suggested to reporters that Dems’ effort to oust the president may be an attempt to “obstruct and obfuscate the economic progress” the Trump administration is making, The Hill reports.

Kudlow noted that impeachment has had no effect on the economy and the stock market, crediting “good policies and a free market country and brilliant entrepreneurs” for its record highs in remarks at the White House.

He did admit that it wasn’t for Democrats’ lack of trying, however. “I sometimes get a little annoyed that impeachment and all the theater going with that could be an effort on the other side of the aisle to obstruct and obfuscate the economic progress we’re making,” Kudlow said.

Recession fantasies

Democrats tried to talk down the economy over the summer, with some left-leaning experts predicting a recession during the upcoming election year. But economic numbers continued to show job and income growth and continued record-low unemployment, and experts finally had to back down from their recession predictions.

In Kudlow’s view, impeachment might have been yet another attempt to tank the economy. After all, the markets don’t tend to like uncertainty.

If Democrats could cause the markets to falter at the thought that Trump might be removed from office, it might start a chain reaction that could drag down job creation and spending with it. At least, that may have been their thinking.

Unfortunately for them (and fortunately for the American people), the markets saw through these attempts and decided that the chances of Trump being removed were slim to none. Stocks were also bolstered by Trump’s trade deals with China, Mexico, and Canada, which promised to benefit U.S. businesses.

Good economic news

In December, the economy added 145,000 jobs and unemployment held steady at a 50-year low of 3.5%, according to The Hill. In fact, gains have been remarkably consistent and steady over Trump’s time in office due to business-friendly policies and a 2017 tax cut package.

While Democrats have claimed that Trump’s economic policies are only helping the rich get richer, studies have shown that lower and middle class incomes are growing the fastest as wages rise and more jobs are available.

The tax cuts also helped add to the more than $5,000 per year in real income gains the middle class has experienced in the three years Trump has been in office.

Public and corporate America have weighed impeachment against these economic gains, and the majority have found no reason to remove Trump from office and risk the end of this unprecedented boom. Why would Dems want to mess this up?

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