Krauthammer: ‘I never wanted to make myself the focus…’

Charles Krauthammer was one of the most respected pundits on TV today, and it’s no surprise that this legacy has lasted even beyond the grave.

When discussing his approach to journalism, Krauthammer once stated: “I never wanted to make myself the focus of my career.” 

His everlasting words were documented in a beautiful tribute video. Take a look:

True Journalist

A sign of a true journalist is that they simply tell the story, rather than putting themselves into the story.

Sadly, today, journalists tend to treat the news as one should treat a column, injecting their opinion rather than reporting the actual story.

Watching Krauthammer over the years, it was clear that he was always able to tell the story in such a way that allowed his audience to develop their own opinion.

For that, he was well respected by both liberals and conservatives during his entire career.

Distinguished Career

Krauthammer got his first dose of political extremists while attending McGill University, a school known for some rather “fringe” activists.

While Krauthammer did not fall into the “extreme” trap, he did develop his more “middle” political philosophy during that time.

After graduating from McGill, Krauthammer attended school in England, and eventually returned to the United States to go to medical school at Harvard University.

After his first year of school, Krauthammer was involved in a horrific diving accident which left him paralyzed from the neck down.

He went on to finish medical school, however, and eventually moved to Washington for a psychiatric research position.

During that period, he began writing articles for The New Republic, and even served as a speech writer for Walter Mondale.

Krauthammer eventually became a full-time political writer, first at The New Republic, then for other major publications like TIME and The Washington Post.

In fact, Krauthammer even won a Pulitzer Prize in 1987.

Throughout his career, people struggled to identify him as conservative or liberal.

Krauthammer, himself, though, defined his position early on as neither.

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He was rooted right smack in the middle, and simply took up the stance for what he himself believed to be right, rather than having his behavior dictated by a certain side of the aisle.

He will certainly be missed.

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