GOP rising star Kim Klacik loses congressional bid in Baltimore

Of the hundreds of congressional races in the 2020 election, there was one in particular that captured the attention of conservatives nationwide: the one involving Republican candidate Kimberly Klacik in Maryland’s 7th Congressional District, which includes parts of Baltimore’s inner city.

Unfortunately, despite an endorsement from President Donald Trump, being a featured speaker at the Republican National Convention, and a wealth of campaign donations, Klacik was soundly defeated on Tuesday in her bid for Congress, Fox News reported Tuesday.

Klacik concedes defeat

Klacik graciously accepted defeat Tuesday night, and wrote a message on Twitter to her opponent, incumbent Rep. Kweisi Mfume (D-MD).

“We gave it our best shot! So proud of my team. It’s sad someone that doesn’t lift a finger could win a congressional seat just by name, but this is not the end,” she wrote. “This is still a win. Congratulations [Mfume]. Prepare to be held accountable like never before.”

A rising star

Klacik garnered national attention over the summer with a viral campaign ad that featured her walking through Baltimore’s run-down neighborhoods and questioning what decades of Democratic control had given the city.

This led to an invitation to speak at the Republican National Convention in August, an endorsement from the president, and millions of dollars in donations to her campaign.

According to The Baltimore Sun, however, none of that was enough to give Klacik the substantial boost she needed to oust Mfume from office, who defeated her decisively on Tuesday in much the same way he did during a special election in April to fill the seat of the late Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD).

The 72-year-old Mfume is a well-known figure in the 7th District, as he previously represented the district in Congress for 10 years until stepping aside to serve as president of the NAACP, at which point Cummings took over the Baltimore seat.

Heavily Democratic district

The Sun noted that the partisan registration of the district is about 4:1 in favor of Democrats, so it isn’t particularly surprising that Mfume defeated Klacik by about 45 points, 72.5–27.5%.

That result came in spite of Klacik raising upward of $7.4 million for her campaign, compared to only about $861,368 that was raised by Mfume.

This loss undoubtedly stings for Republicans, even if it was always something of a long shot — but odds are that this won’t be the last time that either Baltimore or the American people hear of Klacik.

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