KJP torched after refusing to call on New York Post reporter

October 12, 2023
Ryan Ledendecker

White House press secretary Karine Jean Pierre will definitely not make the press secretary hall of fame, as she's one of the worst at her job in recent American history. 

Aside from the fact that she rarely answers questions without referring to her binder or deferring the question to another department, she also isn't fond of calling on reporters from outlets who might actually ask a tough question.

According to The Daily Wire, one of the outlets KJP seems scared to call on is the New York Post, and recently, a Post reporter, fed up with not being able to do his job, torched the press secretary on live TV.

The moment underscored just how terrible she is at her job.

What happened?

Understandably upset was The Post's Steven Nelson, who scolded KJP after she has refused to call on him for some time.

“You haven’t called on me in two seasons, Karine," Nelson said, triggering a snarky response from the press secretary that immediately escalated the situation.

“And I’m not calling on you today," KJP responded.

“You should be ashamed of that,” he said. “That shows disrespect to a free and independent media, to blacklist one of our country’s largest and most widely read newspapers, Karine … that shows contempt for a free and independent press."

KJP proceeded to throw in another jab at Nelson as she moved on to the next reporter.

Nelson expands

The Post reporter took to social media to point out how utterly disrespectful it is for the White House to continue to ignore the country's oldest daily newspaper.

"The @NYPost is our country's oldest daily newspaper. We have 4th-largest print circulation and only NY Times has more web traffic @PressSec last called on me in May, and on a colleague in July. The May exchange was also about press freedom issues," Nelson wrote.

Not only do members of the Biden administration, including the president himself, refuse tough questions more often than not, they have often been caught with lists of pre-selected reporters and even questions, so as to avoid any blunders.

Nelson received an outpouring of support across social media, as many recognize just how disrespectful the Biden administration truly is.

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