King Charles III nearly hit with thrown egg in second such incident in a month

In the immediate wake of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, her eldest son ascended to the British throne as her replacement and was crowned as King Charles III.

Not all British subjects are pleased with Charles’ nascent reign, however, as he was nearly pelted with an egg on Tuesday while he was greeting members of the public, Fox News reported.

This was actually the second incident in less than a month in which eggs were thrown at and nearly hit the king, and in both cases the alleged egg-hurlers were swiftly detained and taken into custody by the police.

Incident happened during “walkout” in Luton

According to the BBC, King Charles III was in Luton on Tuesday for a “walkabout,” as he refers to them, in which he greets and mingles with the general public while outdoors.

During that event, an egg was reportedly thrown at but missed the king. Incredibly enough, rather than overreact to the attempted attack, the king’s security simply steered him to the other side of the town center where people had gathered and he continued to shake hands and greet his subjects.

Per the reporter, who was at the event, nothing seemed amiss to the vast majority of the gathered people following the thrown egg aside from Charles being suddenly moved to the opposite side of the town square by his security team and a slight commotion from the area of the crowd where the egg had allegedly originated from, presumably as police descended upon the purported egg-thrower.

The outlet noted that, according to Bedfordshire Police, an unidentified suspect said to be in his 20s was arrested and detained and remains in custody.

The king was reportedly in Luton to meet with community leaders and help celebrate the opening of a new Sikh temple in addition to his enjoyed “walkabout” routine of meeting with the general public.

Multiple eggs thrown in York last month

As noted, this is not the first such instance in which eggs were thrown at King Charles III, as The Guardian reported on a similar incident on Nov. 9.

In that case, the king and his wife, Queen Consort Camilla, were in York when multiple eggs were thrown in their direction, though none had found the intended targets.

The man who was ultimately detained for that attempted assault with a food product on Charles and Camilla had reportedly shouted that Charles was “not my king” and accused the Royal Family of building the British empire “on the blood of slaves.”

The crowd, however, is said to have shouted him down with boos and a chorus of “God save the King” and “shame on you” as he was taken into custody.

As he did Tuesday in Luton, The Guardian reported that Charles “appeared unfazed” by the near miss of the eggs and proceeded to continue to greet the public while on his way to participate in a traditional ceremony to be formally welcomed to York by the city’s leaders.

While in York, among other events, the king also attended the unveiling of a new statue erected in honor of his late mother, the queen, that had been completed just a month before she had died and had originally been intended to honor her lengthy rule over the United Kingdom.

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