Rep. Steve King wants apology from Republican leaders, media over abortion backlash

Republican Iowa Rep. Steve King has refused calls for him to resign and is demanding an apology after he accused the liberal establishment media — and to a lesser extent, cowed establishment Republican leaders — of once again taking his remarks out of context and spinning them into manufactured controversy.

At issue was commentary from King at a event held by the Westside Conservative Club in Urbandale earlier this month in which he defended his staunch opposition to all abortion, even in cases of incest or rape, stating that he would only allow exceptions to a proposed ban on abortions in cases where the life of the mother was endangered.

King’s comments

Iowa’s WHO-TV reported that King had said, “What if we went back through all the family trees and just pulled out anyone who was a product of rape or incest? Would there be any population of the world left if we did that?”

He added: “Considering all the wars and all the rapes and pillages that happened throughout all these different nations, I know that I can’t say that I was not a part of a product of that.”

His fundamental point was that an innocent unborn baby shouldn’t be punished with death simply because of the wrongful nature of its conception.

Demanding an apology

Of course, King is already widely despised by the liberal media and indeed many of his establishment Republican colleagues over previous controversies, so the opportunity to pile on and demand his resignation from Congress was not missed by his critics.

At a town hall forum just days later, King told the crowd that he was purposefully misquoted by the media — the Associated Press and the Des Moines Register, to be specific — and demanded an apology from all who attacked him over his remarks on abortion.

“Iowans are significantly more positive than they are negative, and they know it’s a misquote and they know that the AP has, I’ll say, retracted the quote that they initially used because they relied on the Des Moines Register who did the same,” King said on Aug. 17 at the event in Buena Vista, Iowa.

“And so when we have a national, viral attack that comes down on a misquote, and it’s absolutely proven, all the folks that did that attack, I think they owe me an apology, including my own leadership,” King added.

Definant stance

WHO-TV noted that the AP and Register had issued corrections to their initial stories on King’s commentary, albeit not with regard to the specific remark that put the congressman back in the news for all the wrong reasons.

It is almost certain that the liberal media will never apologize to King over the incessantly negative manner in which they cover everything he says, and odds are, he won’t be receiving any apologies from his Republican colleagues, either, as many of them have already made up their minds that they’d rather distance themselves from him than stand in support as he fends off the brutal “fake news” media attacks.

King has already been stripped of all committee assignments earlier in the year by Republican House leaders, and though only a few of those legislators have explicitly called for his resignation after past controversies, it has been made crystal clear following this latest dust-up that, in the GOP establishment’s opinion, it is “time for him to go.”

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