Jimmy Kimmel calls for Trump’s family to be imprisoned

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel is at it again.

After President Donald Trump signed the executive order to allow families to remain together, Kimmel stated that he wanted to see the Trump family locked up.

It Never Ends

Kimmel has continued to make remarks against Trump and his family in nightly monologues since the president’s inauguration last year.

His latest barb was over Trump signing an executive order that would allow families of undocumented immigrants to remain together while being processed.

Trump had been taking some serious bad press over the zero-tolerance policy, which was creating more than the usual number of family separations at border facilities.

After several days of outrage, Trump gave in to the complaints and signed legislation to allow families to remain together.

Kimmel, however, was not pleased.

Rather than tip his hat to the president, he took a shot that these people are being held in the first place.

Kimmel then stated, “Now, thanks to this new order, instead of being separated, families from other countries will be locked up together. Hopefully starting with his.”

Open Borders

The fact is: these liberal stars will never be happy with anything Trump does.

The only way to silence them would be to put turnstiles at the border to allow anyone and everyone to come in at will.

They don’t seem to be able to grasp the concept of limited immigrants to ensure unemployment, crime, and entitlement programs can be controlled.

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They live in a fantasyland simply because they are not subject to the same problems most Americans live with day in and day out.

Sadly, Kimmel has proven us right that regardless of what Trump does, he will never be able to make liberals happy.

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