Jimmy Kimmel says he fantasized about Trump’s marriage ending

Jimmy Kimmel simply cannot help himself from hoping bad things happen to the President.

During a recent show, Kimmel fantasized about Donald and Melania Trump being divorced.

Nothing Sacred

Jimmy Kimmel has gone from late night misogynist to liberal hero.

Most of his skits these days center around blasting President Trump for one thing or another.

While some of his “jokes” are merely bad taste, that was not the case here.

Kimmel dreams of what the world would be like if Melania dropped divorce papers on Trump while he was still in the White House…

Potential Problems

The “skit” centered around CNN getting its hands on one of the tapes from Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen.

The tape is limited in nature as well as having several conversations going on at the same time.

According to Kimmel, the tapes could be creating marriage problems for Trump.

On this particular tape, Trump is discussing the matter of the “affair” story with his attorney.

Several times, Trump can be heard saying the story is completely false.

The problem, though, is this tape only contains a small portion of the complete conversation.

There are significant details missing, so it is flat out irresponsible to assume what details were discussed either before or after the content of this tape.

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As a matter of fact, Trump’s new attorney, Rudy Giuliani, made that very case while appearing on CNN.

Until we hear all the tapes, which may never happen, the media and entertainers will continue to run rampant based on their own assumptions made about the conversation that took place.

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