Kimberly Guilfoyle faces attacks over ‘tacky’ Christmas selfie

Kimberly Guilfoyle sent liberals into a tizzy over the Christmas holiday the second she hit “send” on her phone.

While relaxing in the sun on Christmas Day, Donald Trump, Jr.’s girlfriend sent a Christmas message in a bikini top — and liberals came out of the woodwork to attack her over it.


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Merry Christmas…. 🎄🏖🛍😎🇺🇸#holidays

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The Haters

After Guilfoyle sent out her post, it took just seconds for the haters to come out and rip her from head to toe over the picture.

Comments were made about her bikini.

Comments were made about Botox.

Comments were made about her body.

People were simply being nasty for the sake of being nasty — mostly because she is involved with a Trump family member.

What Happened to Civility?

We are constantly told that the Democrat Party and liberals are people of tolerance.

Indeed, they say they celebrate women and hold them up to the world rather than knock them down.

After all, they were the originators of the #MeToo movement, right?

But as is now painfully obvious, #MeToo is great — as long as it is taking down a Republican.

When someone accuses a Democrat of wrongdoing, the movement is put on hold and the character of that individual is then called into question.

Just ask Bill Clinton rape accuser Juanita Broaddrick about that.

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There was no need for people to make comments on Guilfoyle’s Christmas message, but that is where we are these days.

We have seen it with Guilfoyle, we have seen it with Ivanka, and we have definitely seen it with Melania.

Sadly, some of the worst attacks we see are from other women, including former First Lady Michelle Obama.

What a shame.

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