Tucker Carlson: Kim Jong Un ‘wheezing’ during Trump meeting

Fox News sent Tucker Carlson overseas with President Donald Trump — and the Tucker Carlson Tonight host’s assessment of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was not exactly flattering.

After watching Trump and Kim meet at the North Korean border at the demilitarized zone (DMZ), Carlson stated that Kim reminded him of an “emphysema patient, not a healthy guy,” as he was “wheezing” after only a short walk.

The Intimidator

If you have never met or seen Donald Trump in person, it can be very easy to accept the “fat” image the mainstream media often portrays.

In person, though, that is far from the case. Trump is a towering man with a broad frame. He can be very intimidating, to say the least.

Kim is the opposite of that. For that reason, Carlson believes Kim is a bit intimidated by Trump, even though Kim rules North Korea with an iron fist, and has committed countless atrocities against his very own people.

Dem Criticism

Democrats have been very critical of Trump and his relationships with leaders like Kim Jong Un.

They don’t seem to understand you can respect someone’s position and still despise what they do at the same time.

Other approaches have never worked with Kim, but he seems to have taken to Donald Trump for some reason.

This is still far from a perfect situation, but it getting demonstrably better during Trump’s time in office.

The pundits that have not been brainwashed by the Democrat narrative firmly believe if Hillary was in office right now, we would already be at war with North Korea.

Kim will never probably be a good man, but Trump can possibly make him less evil and less horrific to his own people.

To Carlson’s point, Trump is “far less sentimental about this stuff and maybe, I think, more realistic about it.”

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