Kim Jong Un invites President Trump to visit North Korea

President Donald Trump is breaking down walls.

Early during the summit meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Trump reportedly received an invitation to visit North Korea from the leader himself.

How It Happened

The fact this summit even happened is pretty incredible.

Just several weeks ago, the entire meeting seemed as though it was in the scrap bucket after Kim made some derogatory remarks toward Trump.

But when Trump called off the summit, Kim immediately tried to fix the broken meeting and reached out to Trump.

After a hand-written note was delivered to Trump from Kim, the summit meeting was back on.

The two men met in Singapore on Tuesday and by all signs, the meeting went well.

Trump and Kim signed an outline to an agreement, with more details expected to come in the very near future.

After the meeting, Trump reportedly invited Kim to come to the United States.

Kim accepted and in turn, invited Trump to visit North Korea — an invitation which the U.S. president reportedly accepted.

“At a certain time, I will [travel there],” Trump said. “I said that will be a day that I look very much forward to, at the appropriate time. And I also will be inviting Chairman Kim, at the appropriate time, to the White House.”

Liberals Never Happy

While the summit and the agreement should have been major news, liberals chose to shred the agreement.

Keep in mind, the meeting took only a few hours — but apparently liberals expected Trump to solve decades of problems in that time.

Trump himself stated the agreement had several clauses not put into writing, but that were verbally agreed upon by both Kim and Trump.

The intricate details of those stipulations, however, must still be worked out.

As usual, though, liberals were not happy with that.

That’s pretty funny for a group of people that supported a president that won the Nobel Peace Prize for not actually doing anything (cough, cough — Barack Obama).

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In those few hours, President Trump accomplished more with his foreign policy than Obama did over the eight years he was in office.

The groundwork for something truly great has been laid. Now we just need our president to bring it over the finish line.

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