16 shot, 7 killed in Chicago shootings on Monday alone

Even as Democrats and many mainstream media figures amplify demands for new gun control legislation, the number of deadly shootings remains elevated in cities with strict anti-gun laws already on the books.

In Chicago, Illinois, for example, the toll of individuals either killed or injured in shootings on any given day can easily surpass that of many mass shootings — but there is notably less news coverage of the consistently high violent crime rate.

Details emerge

On Monday alone, 16 people were shot across the Windy City, resulting in seven deaths and nine injuries. In its report, WMAQ provided gritty details behind the string of shootings throughout the day.

The oldest individual killed by gunfire was reportedly a 67-year-old man shot in the chest while driving his car following an apparent road rage incident on Monday morning.

A 4-year-old boy was reportedly the youngest individual shot, though his hand injury did not prove fatal. A 17-year-old boy was shot in the foot during the same incident inside a home on Monday afternoon.

Early details about that shooting were sparse, but it was believed to have originated inside the residence as opposed to stray shots from outside.

Another fatal shooting is being investigated as a murder-suicide. The tally also includes two apparent drive-by shootings that targeted pedestrians — including a man working on his car in his driveway.

Horrific video

Whether random or targeted, other shooting reportedly involves shooters inside vehicles taking aim at passing motorists.

The grisly reports from Monday followed a Father’s Day weekend during which a total of 54 people were shot, including seven who died as a result, between Friday and Sunday in Chicago.

One particularly heinous crime did receive social media attention after a horrific video of the shooting went viral online.

In that incident, a couple was dragged out of a car and beaten before being apparently executed in the middle of the street with point-blank shots to the head. The victims reportedly leave behind two young children.

Of course, Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown had a different take on the statistics, claiming that there is a reason for optimism since this year’s weekend tally was lower than that of the same holiday weekend last year. That fact undoubtedly comes as cold comfort to the families and friends who lost loved ones during the violence of recent days.

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