Kill the Espionage Act now, urges Sen. Rand Paul

America’s Espionage Act, dating back to 1917 and the days of World War I, needs to go, and now, according to U.S. Sen. Ron Paul, R-Ky.

On social media, he explained, “The espionage act was abused from the beginning to jail dissenters of WWI. It is long past time to repeal this egregious affront to the 1st Amendment.”

A report at the Washington Examiner explained Paul’s call for repeal comes just after the FBI’s raid on the home for President Donald Trump, an event that indicated the politicization of the Department of Justice as neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton faced any consequences over their questionable handling of government documents. The documentation for the raid cited the Espionage Act.

The senator cited an article from former Libertarian presidential candidate Jacob Hornberger.

He has argued the law has been used for abuse, and should be removed.

Hornberger cited WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and dissenters against U.S. intervention in WWI to argue the law is no or more less than a way “for the government to shut down any and all criticism of its foreign policy,” the report said.

And that, he explained, can’t be reconciled with the concept of a free society.

“The fact is that if the White Rose members had done the same thing they did in Germany here in the United States, U.S. officials would have gone after them with the same anger and vengeance as German officials did. And they would have used the Espionage Act to do it,” he wrote.

White Rose was a student resistance movement against the Nazi takeover of Germany.

The senator before has said the FBI’s attack on Mar-a-Lago actually was an “attack on the rule of law.

The paperwork authorizing it cited the Espionage Act, which was adopted as a way to keep secrets from the enemy during World War I.

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