Kidnapped Ukrainian mayor exposes the Russians who captured him as ‘unprepared’

Ivan Federov, one of the Ukrainian mayors who was captured and subsequently released by Russian troops, just shared the details of his kidnapping with the world.

According to National Public Radio, Federov revealed that the Russian soldiers who interrogated him were “unprepared.”

The 33-year-old Federov is the mayor of the Ukrainian town of Melitopol. In early March, he was captured by Russian troops and held for five days before being released.

Federov is currently in France, and he recently appeared on French television to talk about not only his capture but also what the people of his town have been going through since Russia invaded on February 24.

The interrogation

It was on March 11 that Russian troops kidnapped Federov. He revealed on French television that the kidnapping took place while he was working at Melitopol’s crisis center. Russian troops put a black bag over his head and took him away.

From there, Federov was taken to a prison cell. There, he said that he could hear others screaming as the result of being tortured by the Russians. When his time came, Federov was interrogated by five Russian soldiers.

“They said they wanted to liberate the town from the Nazis and where were they, and I told them in my 30 years in this town I’ve never seen a single Nazi,” Federov said.

The Russians, according to Federov, then said that they were looking to defend the Russian language, to which Federov replied, “95% of us speak Russian already and nobody’s stopping us, so there’s no problem.”

Finally, the Russians, according to Federov, said that they heard that veterans of World War II were beaten during the last commemoration day. Federov, though, told them that he knows “these men personally” and that “they’re treated as heroes.”


Fedorov is one of the dozens of Ukrainian officials who have been captured by Russian troops since the beginning of the invasion.

Fedorov puts the number of Ukrainian officials still being held by the Russians at 29.

Federov believes that the only reason the Russian troops let him go is that his kidnapping was captured on camera. The Melitopol crisis center where he was captured had numerous surveillance cameras.

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