‘I think it’s absurd’: Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna criticizes congressional leaders for monthlong recess

Even as tens of millions of Americans remain out of work and negotiations surrounding another coronavirus relief bill remain at a standstill, the U.S. House of Representatives is effectively dismissed on a prolonged recess until next month.

In response, U.S. Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) expressed extreme displeasure over the decision of congressional leaders including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to stop short the critical work of lawmakers, as reported by Fox News.

No deal in Congress

Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill remain deadlocked on the terms of the fourth such stimulus package.

Dubbed the HEROES Act, the Democratic-led House passed a $3 trillion bill that Republicans in the Senate assured her would not even be considered in the GOP-controlled upper chamber.

Though both sides came to the table and Democrats reportedly offered to shave $1 trillion off of their proposal if Republicans were willing to meet them in the middle, the talks again stalled.

President Donald Trump gave Congress a deadline of Friday to reach a deal and, when it passed, he announced a series of executive orders meant to address a range of issues that would have been included in the next relief bill.

Despite the apparent inability of the two sides to reach an agreement, Khanna nevertheless argued that lawmakers should remain in D.C. to continue working toward a solution that would benefit the most Americans.

Democratic disagreements

“I think Congress should be in session,” he declared. “I think it’s absurd for Congress to be going on a break during a pandemic and a national crisis.”

While the comments certainly do not prove there is a rift within the Democratic Party, it is noteworthy that the two California Democrats apparently have different opinions regarding the current priority of Congress.

As it stands, there is no vote scheduled in the House until Sept. 14, which effectively puts the chamber in recess for another month.

Pelosi did not immediately respond to the comments by her colleague, but Khanna’s remarks likely need no explanation for those who are already concerned that elected officials are focused more on politics than the needs of the nation.

With less than three months until a critical election, division within the ranks could spell trouble for a Democratic Party trying to hang on to control of the House.

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