Leland Keyser to tell FBI she has no knowledge of Kavanaugh or party

Democrats got what they wanted — and they are probably going to regret it.

Christine Blasey Ford’s lifelong best friend, Leland Keyser, who Ford says was at the party where Brett Kavanaugh allegedly attacked her, is set to tell the FBI she has absolutely no recollection of such a party.

The House of Cards

Ford’s entire claim was built on about as flimsy a base as one could ever imagine.

If you are going to come out against a SCOTUS nominee, you better have your ducks all lined up.

In Ford’s case, one of those ducks was Leland Keyser, her best friend.

Unfortunately for Ford, Keyser, through her lawyer, said there was no party — and she plans to reiterate that statement to the FBI.

Was She Lying?

Kavanaugh has been raked over the coals by liberals for his “performance” during the hearing.

However, as more and more facts roll in, it appears Ford was the one performing (read: lying).

Keyser said she did not — and does not — know Kavanaugh at all.

This is significant because Ford claims she traveled in the same social circles as Kavanaugh, something Kavanaugh outright denies.

During the hearing, Ford also stated that Keyser apologized to her because her attorney handled her initial denial statement.

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The way Ford framed her answer, it made it sound as though Keyser’s attorney did so against her wishes.

But with Keyser set to reiterate her statements to FBI investigators, it looks like Ford is the one making up stories.

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