Key witness in Assange case recants prior testimony against WikiLeaks founder: Report

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is currently in a British prison waiting to learn if he will be extradited to the U.S. to face charges related to espionage that could result in a prison sentence of up to 175 years if he is convicted.

A new bombshell in the case, however, included the claim that one witness whose testimony was central to the indictment against Assange is now admitting that he fabricated his claims.

Allegations of false testimony

According to the Icelandic media outlet Stundin, Sigudurdur Thordarson is a convicted criminal who appears to have provided false information about Assange and WikiLeaks to U.S. authorities as part of a deal that would grant him immunity from prosecution.

Since then, he has allegedly made use of that broad immunity to engage in even more criminal behavior.

Referenced in the federal indictment as “Teenager” due to his youthful appearance, Thordarson claimed to have been a close associate of Assange. In reality, reports determined that he was never more than a temporary WikiLeaks volunteer fundraiser who stood accused of embezzling as much as $50,000 and stealing internal documents from the company.

Court documents indicate he further alleged that Assange personally directed him to hack various Icelandic institutions, including the nation’s parliament.

Thordarson has since admitted that he received no such instruction, according to the latest reports, which also revealed that he is not an expert hacker.

“The last form of abuse”

The report went on to detail other embellishments and outright lies Thordarson reportedly told U.S. authorities in exchange for his agreement. Human rights attorney Jennifer Robinson, who has been an adviser to Assange for roughly a decade, cited the latest news as proof that the indictment should be thrown out.

“So, this is just the latest revelation to demonstrate why the U.S. case should be dropped,” she said. “We have to begin, of course, with the free speech implications.”

Beyond that, Robinson asserted that “the factual basis for this case has completely fallen apart” in light of the apparently false testimony, which she called “just the last form of abuse demonstrated in this case.”

The attorney reiterated her call for the Biden administration to drop its federal charges and call off the effort to extradite Assange.

Given the massive implications raised by the latest reports about Thordarson, the relative lack of coverage by major U.S. media sources is notable. If the allegations against the key witness are true, this story demands attention from mainstream news sources, regardless of their editorial position on the Assange saga.

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