Key prosecutor announces departure from Robert Mueller’s Russia probe

One of the key players on Robert Mueller’s legal team is packing up his bags and heading home.

Scott Meisler, a criminal appellate prosecutor, has announced his time with the special counsel’s office has come to a close.

Meisler is still an employee of the Justice Department; however, he is no longer assigned specifically to Mueller’s case.

His announcement has led to even more speculation the Mueller probe may be coming to a conclusion soon.

Back to the old grind

Meisler was one of the attorneys working on the case of the “mystery company” that Mueller has charged. He was also one of the main attorneys handling probe’s investigation into former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

But that work is apparently coming to a close. Although Meisler has left the team, representatives for the special counsel said Meisler will still be following through on assignments given during his time with Mueller.

“Scott Meisler concluded his detail with the Special Counsel’s Office in December 2018 and returned to the Criminal Division but continues to represent the office on specific pending matters that were assigned to him during his detail,” Peter Carr, a Mueller spokesman, stated.

Meisler makes the fourth member of the legal team to have been thrown back into the pool recently.

It makes sense for the Justice Department to allow him to close out pending matters — but it’s not his departure that’s making headlines.

Rumors, rumors

Indeed, it seems that the need for team members seems to be dwindling for Mueller, whose probe is in its second year.

Over the weekend, Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley set a train in motion by repeating rumors he had heard: that the Mueller probe may finally be coming to a close. After all, even the acting attorney general, Matt Whitaker, had stated that the investigation seemed to be winding down.

But Grassley later walked back his comments and insisted that he was only repeating the rumors he had heard, which he admitted he should not have done.

Still, all signs point toward an impending end to the probe, which the president has called a “witch hunt.”

Once the probe is concluded, Mueller will likely release a lengthy report of his findings, though it is unclear whether this report will be made public.

One thing is for certain, though: considering the length and budget of his investigation, Mueller’s report will probably make War and Peace look like a children’s storybook.

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