Report: Key intelligence appointment delayed due to concerns about ‘loyalty’

The Trump administration has been plagued by officials with ulterior motives, so extra caution is being taken to screen all incoming officials to avoid future issues.

Case in point: the White House has reversed course on the nomination of Kathryn Wheelbarger for Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, delaying her confirmation despite the fact that Trump himself nominated her in February. 

More vetting

Wheelbarger’s appointment, according to Politico, is being delayed to further vet her loyalty to Trump.

Without going through the entire report, the publication claims several unnamed sources have said that the concern about Wheelbarger is due to her previous ties to the late Senator John McCain (R-AZ).

The overall tone is that Trump believes she could be a future whistleblower, so she may be discounted from the nomination.

A more realistic take would be that considering the investigations and impeachment of Trump were launched by individuals with anti-Trump agendas, the president has every right to ensure he is not putting a member of what many are now calling the deep state into his administration.

The White House has declined to comment directly on the matter.

The new normal

The problem here should not be that further vetting is taking place but the sudden far-left swing that has been taken by Politico.

At the beginning of the outbreak, President Trump called Democrat attacks against his administration’s handling of the coronavirus a “hoax.” Numerous outlets, including Politico, reported that Trump had called the virus itself a hoax, which the president clarified was not what he meant.

Politico was fact-checked by The Daily Caller on this and a warning was put on their Facebook page to alert readers that the story had misleading information in it. That, however, did not stop Joe Biden from using the misleading story to attack Trump.

More recently, Ryan Heath of Politico insinuated that Trump purposely “sidestepped” adding the UK to his travel ban to help his businesses in the country. Again, completely untrue and debunked by members of the Coronavirus Task Force, who all had input on the decision.

It just goes to show, we simply cannot trust the mainstream media anymore because if they are willing to spin narratives on a key intelligence post and the coronavirus, imagine what they are doing to stories not getting as much national attention.

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