Kevin McCarthy claims he will be the next House Speaker if Republicans win control of the House

House minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) believes that his future as Speaker of the House is assured, according to an interview with Fox News on Monday.

Republicans are likely to retake power in the House of Representatives, and McCarthy believes that he will be replacing Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as Speaker of the House. During the interview, McCarthy confidently stated, “I believe so. We’ll win the majority and I’ll be Speaker. Yes.”

This statement from McCarthy seems to ignore the very real calls for McCarthy to be thrown out of his position in leadership. Not all Republicans are happy with his performance and his place as Speaker is far from assured.

McCarthy increasingly unpopular

Kevin McCarthy has become increasingly unpopular as it emerged that he was more than willing to turn on former President Donald Trump in the aftermath of the January 6th protest at the Capitol.

McCarthy was described by a senior GOP aide as, “A bald-faced liar who literally just has no problem completely lying. And that doesn’t sit well with members.”

It has become clear that McCarthy doesn’t have any real integrity and more importantly, he’s on Trump’s bad side. If Trump chooses to actively move against him, his hopes of being Speaker of the House will be crushed.

Trump is planning far beyond the 2022 midterm elections and he has made it clear he is working to root out his enemies in the Republican Party.

Anyone who has demonstrated that they can’t be trusted will be a priority for removal. While Trump won’t be campaigning to remove McCarthy from the House, he certainly won’t want him in leadership.

The Republican Party will have a great opportunity if they take the House and the Senate in November’s elections. If they succeed, will Trump and his allies trust McCarthy to oversee such an important opportunity?

America First party

The Republican Party is being rapidly transformed into the party of Trump’s America First platform and those who aren’t onboard are being ousted.

Trump has successfully deposed several Republicans who voted to impeach him. Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) could be the next Trump enemy to fall as Republicans vote in Tuesday’s primary.

With so many of Trump’s enemies deposed, those who have demonstrated they can’t be trusted ought to be worried. Only time will tell, but McCarthy’s confident claims to the mantle of leadership may not age well.

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