John Kerry: US might not survive if Trump wins in 2020

If there is any one common thread weaving all of President Donald Trump’s critics and detractors together, it is their dramatic and hyperbolic rhetoric.

Outspoken Trump critic and former Secretary of State John Kerry is no exception. A recent fundraising letter sent in his name suggested that the United States would be incapable of “surviving” a continued Trump presidency.

Kerry’s “dire” fundraising email

The fundraising email was shared online by Ben Jacobs, political reporter for the U.K.’s Guardian news outlet, who tweeted, “This is a very dire fundraising email sent out by the DNC under John Kerry’s name.”

The email to Jacobs was titled, “Trump is destroying the world order we built.”

America may not “survive” four more years of Trump

In the body of the fundraising letter from the former secretary, senator and presidential candidate, Kerry wrote, “I’m worried about the state of our democracy under Donald Trump.”

“This president’s complete disregard for diplomacy has embarrassed our nation on the world stage and he’s weakened the very foundation of our democracy,” he continued. “He’s divided us at home and isolated America in the world, taking us backwards and threatening the very institutions and alliances that America’s leaders built since World War II to bring the world together.”

“Our democracy might not be able to survive four more years of Donald Trump,” warned Kerry, “and the only course of action that will be able to stop this international chaos from continuing is to win seats across the country this year and elect a Democrat to the White House in 2020.”

The remainder of the brief letter asked recipients to make a donation to the Democratic Party.

Progressive agenda only thing under threat

Contrary to Kerry’s fear-mongering, America would not only survive just fine, but would likely become even more prosperous under a second Trump term in office.

In truth, the only thing that’s really in danger from a second Trump term is the leftist progressive agenda that folks like Kerry have been pushing on people for decades.

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Aside from Kerry’s overwrought predictions of America’s fate under Trump — not to mention his repeated reference to the U.S. as a “democracy” instead of a constitutional republic — one other rather interesting thing should be drawn from Kerry’s letter, which is that “impeachment” was not mentioned as the “only course of action” to get rid of Trump.

Perhaps top Democrats like Kerry are now understanding that impeaching Trump is an unrealistic pipe dream that would probably only make Trump stronger in the end.

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