Former Secretary of State John Kerry attacks President Trump for isolating America

A hallmark of President Donald Trump’s first two years in office has been his indefatigable efforts to undo the damage done to this country by the failed domestic and foreign policies put in place by his predecessors. Unsurprisingly, countless members of those prior administrations have cried foul over Trump’s MAGA agenda — including, most recently, former Secretary of State John Kerry, who played a big role in implementing several of the failed policies Trump is attempting to correct.

In an interview with David Axelrod, host of CNN’s The Axe Files, Kerry lambasted the current president by suggesting that he was a failed negotiator who had “isolated” America and weakened the nation on the international stage.

“Trump has isolated America”

In his talk, Kerry pointed to a number of international agreements and military conflicts that Trump has already withdrawn from, including the Paris Climate Accord and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, as well as the war in Syria, among others.

“This is the pull-out, walk-away presidency, and it is not enhancing the interest of the United States of America,” Kerry said.

He went on to question the businessman-turned-president’s negotiating skills.

“This [p]resident is not negotiating; he doesn’t negotiate. This is a man who claims to be the world’s greatest negotiator. What is he negotiating?” Kerry said.

“President Trump has isolated America and taken us backwards in terms of institutions that were structured ever since World War II to bring the world together,” the former secretary of state added. (What he neglected to mention was that it was the repeated failures of those post-WWII institutions that have brought us to where we are today.)

Kerry also rehashed the tired trope of Trump being a puppet of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, and referred to the latest Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki as a “moment of shame” for our nation.

Impeachment and 2020

All of that said, Kerry did seem hesitant when asked about the dreaded “I-word” and seemed to caution his fellow Democrats to hold off before traveling down that particular road.

“I think it’s a mistake to have the word ‘impeachment’ floating through the air right now, because it politicizes things. I think the evidence to me of high crimes and misdemeanors is an important standard,” Kerry said. “And I think it would be a mistake for Democrats to sort of run headlong in without evidence.”

He then suggested that any talk of impeachment should come after Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report is released.

“Let’s see what Robert Mueller says,” Kerry said.” There is an important investigation taking place in the country, and I think the American people need to digest whatever that is and we need to listen to the American people.”

Before he left, Kerry also opened the door for him to make another run for the White House. He first failed to win the presidency in 2004.

“I don’t think it’s important to be talking about who’s in and who’s out. What’s important to talk about is where do we need to go? Where do we need to go as a country? We are not doing the great things that America should be doing,” he said. “I’m going to be in the middle of the debate, no matter what, period.”

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But with many young, progressive Dems pushing for impeachment, Kerry might not find a warm welcome back into the presidential arena from his own party.

And with his recent comments accusing Trump “isolating” America, it looks like Kerry’s place in American politics has faded away. Good riddance.

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