John Kerry urges media to attack Trump for ‘lying’ about outcome of Iran deal

John Kerry, Barack Obama’s second secretary of State, was a major player in sealing the Iran nuclear deal that ultimately led to pallets of cash being shipped to Iran in the middle of the night in 2016.

But after the recent Iranian missile attack on our base in Iraq — an attack that President Donald Trump claims was funded with money from Obama’s Iran deal — Kerry started begging the media to label Trump as a liar, Breitbart reports.

The facts

When Barack Obama made the Iran nuclear deal, there clearly were monetary factors involved in the decision. The $150 billion figure that has been getting tossed around in recent days refers to “the estimated value of Iranian assets that had been frozen abroad in financial institutions as part of international sanctions.”

How much of that money was actually freed up and made available to Iran still remains somewhat a mystery.

Most estimates suggest that Iran was more than likely to get their hands on about half that money, so Trump’s total was factually accurate in terms of Iran’s assets, but it may overestimate how much money was actually freed up.

The second number frequently mentioned — the $1.7 billion in cash — is indeed a legitimate figure, of that there is little debate. Pictures and videos blew up the internet when Obama was shipping pallets of cash to Iran, so there is no denying that hard currency was given to the Iranians by Obama and Kerry.

Kerry’s argument

Trump called out Kerry and Obama for the disastrous deal, and Kerry is now trying to deny his role in funding Iranian terrorism. On Sunday, Kerry asked the media to “stop dealing with questions on Donald Trump’s lies and start dealing with the reality of what is going on.”

He went on to say that Trump is lying and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) did not get its hands on any of that money; that most of it went to support the Iranian economy. That claim, however, has recently been debunked, with evidence showing that very little — if any — of that money made its way into the Iranian economy.

Secondly, when Kerry says the IRGC never got any of that money, he is, once again, lying, because he knew and admitted at the time the IRGC was bound to get at least some of the funds. Watch below:

Kerry’s appeal to the media to ignore his own failure as a leader and instead attack Trump illustrates everything that is wrong with our political system right now.

These people lie to the American public every day, and even when they are faced with their own contradictory statements, they try to spin the facts to push their latest anti-Trump narrative.

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