Megyn Kelly’s viewership is still declining – her show is in trouble

Megyn Kelly cashed in on her blasting of President Trump with a massive contract from NBC, but the good news ends there.

After the initial curiosity wore off, viewers are leaving the network in droves, with a massive 28 percent decrease in the show’s key demographic.

Betting the Bank

NBC thought they landed on a goldmine when they stole Kelly away from Fox.

Kelly made a name for herself by trashing presidential candidate Donald Trump during the election.

With Fox News followers growing unhappy with her, NBC saw the opening in the hopes Kelly, a conservative, would be able to land a crossover fan base.

With “The Kelly File” averaging about 2.7 million viewers, NBC figured it could give Kelly a prime daytime slot and watch the money roll in.

That is not exactly what happened, though.

Rating Plunge

Sadly, at least for Kelly and NBC, a mere 2.4 million viewers are watching her during the first hour of “Today.”

And the news gets worse…

Not only have the ratings taken a dive in the first hour, Kelly’s poor performance is also impacting the second hour of the show, with a sharp ratings decline being realized there as well.

More bad news… “Live,” which is the direct competitor of Kelly’s time slot, has seen a massive bump as Kelly’s ratings have plummeted.

The latest Nielson reports have “Live” hitting roughly three million viewers, a whopping 747,000 more than Kelly.

No Balance

The key to any daytime “news” show is being able to balance soft news with hard news and mixing in a little entertainment.

Kelly has not yet figured out the proper mix, and it could mean NBC pulls the plug on this failed experiment.

Right now, the network is paying Kelly more than it paid the previous hosts of that time slot and her production costs are significantly higher.

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Translation: Kelly is bleeding the network dry.

While NBC may give Kelly some leeway, it is not likely they will continue to bleed money if she is not able to turn this tide very soon.

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