Kellyanne Conway appears to apologize for Sarah Sanders’ border claim: ‘That was an unfortunate misstatement’

A media firestorm erupted over the weekend after Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ heated Fox News Sunday interview with Chris Wallace, wherein the Fox host called out the White House press secretary for misstating the number of terrorists that entered the U.S. through the southern border last year — but not everyone was as critical as the liberal media.

Coming to the defense of her long-time colleague, Kellyanne Conway spoke up about the controversy on Monday’s edition of The Ingraham Angle with Fox host Laura Ingraham, calling Sanders’ quip an “unfortunate misstatement” and insisting that everyone makes mistakes.

How the controversy began

It all started during a discussion between Sanders and Wallace about the need for increased security at the U.S.-Mexico border.

“Nearly 4,000 known or suspected terrorists come into our country illegally [in 2018], and we know that our most vulnerable point of entry is at our southern border,” Sanders said, before being cut off by Wallace, who insisted that “those 4,000 people” were captured mostly at airports.

Though Sanders agreed with Wallace, she didn’t clarify exactly how many known or suspected terrorists actually came across the border.

This left the liberal media running wild. Many reports took Sanders’ remarks out of context, put words in her mouth, and insinuated that she had stated that all 4,000 terrorists had been apprehended after crossing the border — which she never said.

Nevertheless, the “fake news” spread like wildfire, and even onto Ingraham’s program Monday.

“An unfortunate misstatement”

Ingraham — who rightly noted that “one terrorist is too many” — said of the furor over terrorists caught at the border: “It’s a much smaller threat than you describe. Doesn’t that hurt the credibility of the White House when we don’t get these basic facts right and someone’s not doing their homework?”

Conway first referenced her notes containing official numbers and statistics released by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) delineating airport and border apprehensions of terrorists, then replied, “I think it got unfortunately conflated by my colleague.”

“They’re cherry-picking, but this is what they do,” Ingraham then said of the liberal media, who have bombarded Sanders with allegations of intentionally falsifying data. “We all kind of make mistakes. We’re talking, you know, all day long.”

“Yeah, that was an unfortunate misstatement,” replied Conway. “And everybody makes mistakes — all of us. The fact is, it’s corrected here, and anybody who turns a blind eye to the actual numbers of the human trafficking, the increase in the drugs — we are concerned about your children here in the United States not being subject to all of these drugs, and we’re concerned about their children not making that perilous trek.”

Check out Conway’s full interview:

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Sarah Sanders didn’t lie about terrorist apprehensions at the border, as the media so disgustingly implied, and while Conway corrected the record by noting the actual statistics — which the liberal media know are still troubling — she also seemed to play into the false media narrative that Sanders had misspoken or delivered non-factual information, which simply wasn’t the case.

Sanders should be vindicated here because she did nothing wrong. She’s just the latest victim of the mainstream media, who feel tasked with taking down President Donald Trump at any and all costs.

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