Kellyanne Conway addresses Trump’s response to Bloomberg’s ‘stop and frisk’ comments

During a recent appearance with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, White House adviser Kellyanne Conway came clean about Donald Trump’s attack on 2020 presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg.

According to The Hill, Conway not only pointed out the hypocrisy the media has shown toward the former New York mayor, but she also dropped a truth-bomb about his true electability in light of recent comments Bloomberg has made about his controversial “stop and frisk” policy.


When Bloomberg’s comments defending “stop and frisk” as a way to police minority groups in New York resurfaced, it should have been the end of his campaign. Democrats are so desperate to unseat Trump, however, that many are willing to look past these comments just in case Bloomberg wins the nomination.

After the comments resurfaced, Trump sent out a tweet calling Bloomberg a racist, and Wallace, for his part, wanted to know why he had deleted it.

Conway explained that Trump was trying to make a point that if he said what Bloomberg had said about the controversial policy, the media would have been all over him for it.

“The president is toying with everybody by saying, had he said something like that, everyone would say, ‘Racist, racist, racist,'” Conway said, according to The Hill.

Wallace also noted that Trump himself supported this policy during the 2016 election, which is true. However, there is a big difference in supporting a law enforcement policy and saying we need to pull over more minorities and less white people.

It failed last time

Many members of the Democratic Party were quick to defend Bloomberg simply because they don’t want to hurt his chance of becoming president.

But this, as Conway pointed out, was the same strategy Dems used against Trump in 2016, and it failed miserably then.

The defense of Bloomberg just shows how desperate this party is, as well as the fact they know nobody in this race is a strong enough candidate to beat Trump.

What we are seeing, patriots, is panic and desperation, and it very well may lead to the destruction of the Democratic Party as we know it today.

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