Kellyanne Conway reveals positive COVID-19 diagnosis, says she has ‘mild’ symptoms

Following President Donald Trump’s announcement early Friday morning that he and his wife Melania have tested positive for COVID-19, several other people who are close to the president revealed that they also have contracted the virus.

One of the latest individuals with close ties to the president to announce a positive COVID-19 test is Kellyanne Conway, the former White House counselor. 

“Tonight I tested positive for COVID-19,” Conway wrote on Twitter late Friday night. “My symptoms are mild (light cough) and I’m feeling fine. I have begun a quarantine process in consultation with physicians. As always, my heart is with everyone affected by this global pandemic.”

A growing list

Conway joins a growing list of people close to the president who have contracted COVID-19.

As noted by Breitbart News, several people who have contracted the virus were all present at the nomination ceremony of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, including Conway, President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC), Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), and University of Notre Dame president John Jenkins.

There are others, however, who were not at the ceremony but who have also come down with the illness in the past few days, including Hope Hicks, a senior counselor to the president, and Bill Stepien, the president’s campaign manager.

Some good news

Because the nomination ceremony is where the coronavirus may have spread, all those who attended are being tested.

This includes Judge Barrett who has tested negative, The Hill reported. Barrett reportedly already had a bout with the coronavirus over the summer and has since recovered.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has also tested negative for the virus. In addition to announcing his negative test result, McConnell said that Barrett’s confirmation process for the Supreme Court will continue as planned, Fox News reported.

Some bad news

What isn’t continuing as planned, however, is President Trump’s campaign. Due to his positive COVID diagnosis, the president has decided to cancel “all previously announced campaign events involving the president’s participation,” the Trump campaign said in a statement on its website.

There’s no telling what kind of impact the president’s diagnosis will have on his reelection chances, especially given that his challenger, Democratic nominee Joe Biden, has stated his intention to continue campaigning.

As the president will not be able to be on the campaign trail for a time, the Trump campaign has decided not to pull its campaign ads.

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