House Oversight Committee to vote on Kellyanne Conway subpoena

The House Oversight Committee will reportedly be holding a vote on whether to subpoena White House adviser Kellyanne Conway. Democrats have alleged that Conway violated the Hatch Act in her capacity as a White House official.

The situation is spiraling into an emergency for the White House aide, and could lead to some serious consequences.

Conway runs afoul of the Hatch Act

Unless you are heavily educated in political law, the Hatch Act may be completely new to you. The Hatch Act’s purpose is to keep government functions non-partisan.

According to reports, a federal agency wants Conway to be removed from her role for allegedly violating the act repeatedly.

That federal agency went into detail, issuing a 17-page report on the matter.

“The 17-page OSC report, issued last week, found Conway violated the Hatch Act ‘by disparaging Democratic presidential candidates while speaking in her official capacity during television interviews and on social media,'” The Hill reported.

Essentially, Kellyanne Conway is being accused of disparaging Democrats, which is a tenuous charge. Considering the hostile political atmosphere on both sides, a White House aide being critical of Democrats is hardly surprising. How much of this is a genuine investigation, and how much of this is just a political hit job?

Conway’s fiery rhetoric

Conway has been long known for her fiery spirit. A childhood friend of Conway’s told USA Today, “Kellyanne wasn’t afraid of anything or anyone […] To think Kelly is afraid is laughable. Kellyanne, in spirit, can be much bigger than some of the biggest offensive and defensive linemen on the football team.”

This tenacity has been an asset for her and is why she fits so well in the Trump administration. She isn’t afraid to pursue what she thinks is right, nor is she afraid to butt heads with her opponents.

Conway seemed unfazed in response to the subpoena threat. In fact, she seemed confident.

According to Fox News, “She dismissed the recommendation that she be fired as an attempt to ‘silence’ her and prevent her from working toward the president’s re-election.”

There is likely a lot of truth to that statement. Democrats using the Hatch Act against a top Trump adviser? Not shocking at all.

Democrats have gone out of their way to attack Trump in any way they can since he appeared on the scene. This is just one more example to add to the list.

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