Kellyanne Conway slams Dems for using mass shootings for fundraising efforts

Within hours of the shootings in El Paso, at least one Democrat candidate and the DNC had put together mailers using the tragedies to raise funds for the upcoming election.

This has infuriated Americans around the country, including Kellyanne Conway, who vowed to end the practice and expose them all.

Monetizing Tragedy

How anyone can use a tragedy and its immediate aftermath for monetary gain is beyond comprehension.

This is not using it as an example two months down the road but politicizing an event before bodies have even been removed from the crime scene.

President Trump’s top advisors, Kellyanne Conway, was absolutely floored by the revelation. She stated, “Elizabeth Warren, yesterday, was raising money for Senate candidates Doug Jones and Tina Smith. She’s raising money in email appeal talking about the mass shooting.”

“This is a disgrace and if nobody else is going to talk about it, I’m going to talk about it. The president did not respond in kind. They politicized this over the weekend. They all blamed him. And I want to name and shame them now.”

Time to Expose Democrats

Any normal person would be appalled by what happened over the weekend. It should not matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican, a liberal or a conservative.

In the past, this country has always found a way to put political differences aside at times such as this and come together as one.

People from around the country go to these communities to see what they can do to help. Not this time, though. Trump, and by default, his supporters, were told to stay out of El Paso.

Not only that, but Democrats started blowing up emails and social media with campaigns to raise money to defeat Trump using the backdrop of these tragedies as fodder for their fundraising.

The entire party has gone on this mass campaign of blaming Trump and they are not even pretending to be interested in the real causes of these shootings.

Both of these tragedies, as well as the mass shootings in Chicago over the weekend, were all in Democrat-run cities. In the aftermath, there is one side of the aisle focused on healing, though, but it shamefully is NOT the Democrats.

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