Kellyanne Conway slams Congress for not acting on immigration

The situation at the border has gotten so bad, even Democrats are no longer claiming there is not a crisis… they just choose to ignore the problem.

After President Donald Trump revealed his new immigration plan and took considerable flack over it, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway stated Congress simply “failed to act” on immigration, contributing to the ongoing tragedy at the border.

Legal Immigration

The first part of President Trump’s plan addresses legal immigration.

As everyone knows by now, this would eliminate the lottery-based system and replace it with a merit-based system.

By the way, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has already decided that “merit” is a demeaning and racist word, so we already know the plan is going to tank in the House.

Laura Ingraham, who was hosting Conway, said she did not understand why the president was discussing legal immigration when the problem is clearly illegal immigration right now. She asked Conway why the plan did not just focus on that.

Conway was quick to correct Ingraham, saying that the plan actually deals with both aspects of immigration.

Illegal Immigration

Among the new plan’s critics was radio personality Ann Coulter. She challenged Trump on the meaning of the word “wall.”

Clearly, Coulter did not read the entire proposal, because illegal immigration is addressed in the plan.

Senator Lindsey Graham put forth a proposal as part of immigration reform that makes more sweeping changes. One of the key aspects of the plan would allow families to be held together for 100 days in custody before being released. It also calls for a significant increase in immigration judges to speed the process along.

The idea is to no longer release these immigrants into the county, but rather process them and make a final decision within that 100 days.

The bottom line here is that Democrats are NOT willing to come to the table to discuss anything with this administration. And, as Conway stated, until that changes, the immigration problem in this country will not go away.

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