Kellyanne Conway: Media pushed Mueller probe to save face after Trump’s surprise win in 2016

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway is done letting the liberal media play their little games. That’s why she just notified the press that the real reason they hyped the Russia conspiracy was to save face after “getting it wrong” about Donald Trump in 2016.

“You had people … still in the media who were writing articles in late October saying Donald Trump had 0% chance of getting elected,” Conway said. “They have to somehow save their own faces … If they could have found criminal conspiracy, they could have said we cheated, we lied, we stole the election.”

Watch below:

Justifying a Mistake

Conway is right. In 2016, the media could not have been more wrong about the presidential election.

We still remember Fox News’ Laura Ingraham predicting a Trump win — and everyone else laughed at her. But Ingraham’s prediction came true and the mainstream media ended up with egg on their faces. Some even cried on screen over Hillary Clinton’s loss to Trump.

Deal with It

And more than two years later, the media still cannot accept the fact Trump won.

As we all now know, there was no collusion with Russia and no conspiracy.

Prior to the release of the special counsel report, Democrats were very respectful and complimentary of Robert Mueller.

That was because they believed Mueller must have found something on Trump.

Now that the report is out and the investigation proved to be a dud, both Democrats and the media have even more egg on their face, so they will take the few crumbs Mueller left and try to make a dinner out of it.

Unfortunately for Democrats, that is not going to work either.

The only thing they will accomplish by harping on collusion and impeachment is to set themselves up for one more major embarrassment.

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