Woman charged in Kellyanne Conway restaurant assault

White House senior advisor Kellyanne Conway recently decided to share the frightening details of an assault she experienced late last year at the hands of a deranged leftist. In a CNN interview, Conway said that a woman “grabbed me from behind” and “shook me repeatedly” in an attack which occurred “inches away from my teenage daughter.”

The woman was later identified as 63-year-old Mary Elizabeth Inabinett, who has been charged by authorities with second-degree assault and disorderly conduct. A trial has been set for March.

Aggressive encounter

Conway was attending a birthday dinner at Uncle Julio’s Rio Grande Cafe in Bethesda, Maryland on Oct. 14 when she was suddenly and unexpectedly attacked. According to a police report, witnesses said that the woman shouted, “Shame on you!” in Conway’s direction before criticizing her political positions.

“This was not a social media spat or a publicity-hungry attempt by owners or activists in a restaurant to go viral,” Conway told DailyMail.com, insisting that the attack was politically motivated.

“This woman now facing criminal charges grabbed me from behind, shook me repeatedly, inches away from my teenage daughter, with many witnesses, and no denial from her at that time,” Conway related. “I told her repeatedly to get her hands off of me.”

Conway provides additional details about the horrifying encounter during an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash. She described feeling an embrace from behind that felt “weird” and “a little aggressive,” so she turned around to see who was responsible for the unsolicited hugging.

That’s when she knew something was wrong. “She was just unhinged. She was out of control,” Conway continued. “Her whole face was terror and anger. She was right here, and my daughter was right there. And she ought to pay for that. She ought to pay for that because she has no right to touch anybody.”

The entire episode lasted about 8 to 10 minutes, and Conway says Inabinett yelled at her the entire duration. Eventually, the woman had to be physically escorted from the dining establishment by restaurant staff.

Leftist activist

Inabinett described herself on her LinkedIn page as having been an “Alinsky-style community organizer” after graduating college in 1977 — a reference to the infamous 1960s-era counterculture radical Saul Alinsky, a man who openly advocated harassing members of the political “establishment.”

Currently, she works for the Virginia nonprofit Ashoka, which supports more than 3,500 social entrepreneurs.  “In a changemaker world, empathy is as fundamental as reading and math,’ the organization’s mission statement reads. Inabinett is married to Andy Sharpless, the chief executive of an environmental charity valued at $43 million. Sharpless is a birthright Quaker, a pacifist sect of Christianity, and his wife has attended religious functions at his side.

Freedom of speech?

Inabinett’s attorney, William Alden McDaniel Jr., is arguing that his client was merely exercising her First Amendment rights “to express her personal opinions” about Conway, who is a public figure. “The facts at trial will show this to be true, and show Ms. Conway’s account to be false,” McDaniel’s said in a statement.

Naturally, Conway disagrees. “Her ‘First Amendment’ right to scream like a lunatic does not include touching me or anyone else,” the White House counselor said.

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