Kellyanne Conway accuses Mueller of not reading his own report

The hysteria over Russia collusion led to the waste of millions of taxpayer dollars. The report found nothing like we all knew it would. Yet, there are many who still believe Trump should be impeached.

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway dropped a bombshell on those people, saying that almost none of them have even read the Mueller report. It isn’t about truth anymore, it is about fanaticism.

Mueller testimony raises questions

Conway thinks even Mueller hadn’t read the report with his name on it.

Breitbart reports: “Kellyanne Conway said Wednesday’s testimony of former special counsel Robert Mueller made her question if he read his own report.”

“Conway said, “I’ve read the polls that very few Americans say they’ve read the Mueller report. I’d like to know if that number includes Bob Mueller himself.”

Wednesday’s testimony really begs that question. Mueller evaded and dodged every possible question.

He even claimed to be unfamiliar with things he couldn’t have possibly been unfamiliar with, such as Fusion GPS, the firm responsible for the Steele dossier.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“Throughout his testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, Robert Mueller exhibited repeated instances of unfamiliarity with his own investigation.”

Radicals still want impeachment

Radical leftists still are calling for impeachment despite not having a shred of evidence.

Politico reported that “House Democrats on Friday took a major step forward in their legal fight against President Donald Trump — one that looks much like the beginning of impeachment, even as Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to resist a formal inquiry.”

Pelosi understands impeachment does not stand a chance, and that it is political suicide.

But she may not be able to stop the surge of zealots, who without reading the report, all want to see Donald Trump impeached.

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