Megyn Kelly says the anti-Trump op-ed author is a coward

You know things have gone haywire when Megyn Kelly is sticking up for President Donald Trump.

After seeing the op-ed in The New York Times, Kelly called the author of the article a “coward.” Watch for yourself:

Not Elected

Kelly made the same point most Americans are making after having read the op-ed.

This person, whoever he or she is, is not an elected official.

They have no right — zero, zilch, NONE — to circumvent the president and prevent him from seeing information intended for his eyes.

His or her actions are being weakly justified by calling it a “safe state,” not a deep state.

However, the actions described are exactly that: a deep state effort that appears to be more like an actual coup of the White House.


Quite frankly, the White House should be in lockdown mode until this rat is found.

Simply put, it is unsafe for all Americans for this to be happening in the White House.

This is a person — or group — who has taken it upon themselves to decide what information is provided to the president.

This means Trump is making decisions based on limited information.

He is, in essence, making decisions that this person or persons want him to make.

While this person is most definitely a coward, he or she is also very clever.

His or her only mistake was actually in coming forward to tell everyone what was going on.

No doubt, this individual expected to be celebrated as some type of hero, which the left is actually doing.

It was perhaps a political move to judge the temperature of the water to possibly launch an intraparty bid during the 2020 presidential election.

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All this person did, though, was ensure that his or her political career is over.

Furthermore, he or she may very well have admitted to treason — and should be treated and disciplined as such.

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