Megyn Kelly regrets awkward Jane Fonda interview

Megyn Kelly has had a bit of a controversial start to her post-Fox News career.

One of those moments was an interview with Jane Fonda not long after she joined “Today,” an interview Kelly wishes she had never done.

“I certainly wish I hadn’t put on Jane Fonda. That didn’t go well!” Kelly told Us Weekly on Wednesday.

That Awkward Moment

Fonda appeared on Kelly’s show in September 2017, along with her co-star Robert Redford, to promote their new movie, “Our Souls at Night.”

During the course of the interview, the conversation veered to “heart throb” status.

After Redford said his piece, the interview switched back to Fonda.

Kelly had actually applauded Fonda for how great she looked for her age, then asked her about plastic surgery.

The question was not framed to be insulting, quite the opposite.

Fonda, however, was clearly offended and immediately steered the conversation back to the movie.

Why So Offended?

Kelly believes much of Fonda’s attitude was due to Kelly’s past with Fox News.

Fonda is a notorious Hollywood liberal and activist, so it would be no surprise if she harbored an attitude with Kelly.

When asked about the exchange he witnessed, Redford believed Fonda just did not want the interview to become about her, as it seemed to be migrating.

The question was a legitimate one, though, considering where they were in the interview at that given moment.

On Kelly’s part, she never understood why Fonda was giving her such a hard time during the interview.

Kelly stated, “She answered that question in about 40 different forums.”

“And she has answered it in 40 more forums since,” Kelly added.

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Kelly further stated she gave Fonda more than enough leeway in the interview, which resulted in Kelly being “beat up” in the process.

To that point, she regrets the interview and wished she would have approached it differently.

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