Megyn Kelly opens up about family, Christmas in first interview since leaving ‘Today’

It has been about a month since Megyn Kelly was fired by NBC, and she finally sat down for an interview, though not to talk about the controversial statement that led to the loss of her job as host of the “Today” show.

Rather, Kelly spoke of the Christmas season and how much it meant to her, both in terms of sentimental memories as well as how she cherishes the time her family is able to spend together.

The U.K. Daily Mail reported that the one thing that is most important to the 48-year-old Kelly around the Christmas holiday is spending time with her husband, novelist Doug Brunt, or their three children Yates, Yardley and Thatcher, aged nine, seven and five, respectively.

The death of her father

Spending time with family during the Christmas holiday season has likely taken on extra importance to Kelly due to the fact that she lost her father just days prior to Christmas when she was a child.

“Nothing matters except the people around the tree. My dad died ten days before Christmas 1985. He was 45 and I was 15,” Kelly recalled. “It was a sudden heart attack, and it changed my family forever. My last sight of him was of him sitting on the couch, looking at the Christmas tree.”

“What I wouldn’t give now to have that moment back. To have just one more chance to tell him how much I love him,” she added.

Family traditions

With that focus on family during the holiday, Kelly shared some of the traditions her family keeps around Christmas, such as watching the classic film “It’s a Wonderful Life” together and participating in certain scenes as an audience.

Another movie her family really enjoys around Christmas is that of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” as they really get a kick out of the story of a “sweet misfit who just wants to belong and winds up a hero.”

Kelly also spoke of her desire for the family to go Christmas caroling together — a desire not particularly shared by her husband and children — and noted that “Silent Night” is her favorite Christmas song, and holds a special sentimental value for her as it was the song that her oldest child had learned to sing at a young and innocent age.

“He had learned the song in school, and in a candlelit church with decorations all around and the choir singing, Yates, in that sweet, innocent voice only a child has, softly sang every word. I can’t hear it to this day without crying,” Kelly admitted.

A focus on giving

Other traditions Kelly’s family keeps around Christmas highlight the charitable sentiment of the season. “We collect toys, old and new, and donate them to the toy drive in our neighborhood,” she said.

“We also pack care packages for our troops serving overseas — my kids love writing notes for the soldiers and it’s a good way to talk to them about what our troops sacrifice for us,” Kelly continued. “We are big lovers of the Salvation Army too — we donate every year and love listening to the carols of the Salvation Army band at one of our favorite restaurants each December.”

As for Christmas morning, when Kelly’s children are on the receiving end of their mother’s charitable spirit, that involves a little bit of preparation ahead of time on Kelly’s part, such as ensuring a pot of coffee is ready to go first thing in the morning and getting up before the kids so their initial reactions to their presents around the tree can be recorded for posterity.

“When they go out to the living room one of us runs ahead to videotape their reaction — it’s always poorly lit and too long for video but the moment is too precious to let it pass without trying to stop time for a minute,” Kelly explained.

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With all of the chaos and commotion going on these days, it is good to slow down occasionally and take stock of what is most important, and without question, spending time with family at Christmas is at the top of the priority list for Megyn Kelly.

Family is indeed quite important, and whether that means spending time with the loved ones who still surround you or giving thought to loved ones who’ve been lost, it is something that more people should prioritize as the most important thing, as one never knows how much time we have left together with our loved ones.

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