Megyn Kelly breaks her silence on Matt Lauer rape allegations

Megyn Kelly might be on a mission to generate interest in a possible return to television.

While she has been extremely quiet for the last year, she is now publicly commenting on rape allegations made against former colleague Matt Lauer, according to AOL, and she has even lined up a surprise appearance with Tucker Carlson on Fox News.

Kelly Refocuses

When allegations were first made against Matt Lauer, few people believed them to be true. Eventually, as more and more information became available about Lauer’s past, it seemed more likely than not that he did something wrong.

But while most people initially pushed back against the allegations, Kelly wants to focus on the individuals who actually supported the alleged victims.

Among the notable personalities in that category are Ann Curry and Meredith Vieira, both of whom openly encouraged these women to come forward and tell their story.

“Let’s not lose sight of the forces for good in this story, like former Lauer co-host Ann Curry, who, despite the risks, sounded the alarm on Lauer in 2012 after a young woman complained to her,” Kelly said in a statement.

She went on: “And Meredith Vieira, who, when confronted with Brooke Nevils’ account, told her to go report it.”

Back in the Spotlight

A year removed from Today, most believe Kelly is about to drop a bombshell about her return to television.

The fact that Shepard Smith left Fox News leaves a key anchor position open, so the rumors about Kelly filling that spot have been running rampant.

That she chose Tucker Carlson as her first interview since leaving NBC has only stoked those rumors further.

Fox News has been adamant that Carlson’s interview is a sheer coincidence in terms of Smith’s departure and that no decision has been made about the format for that time slot or who will fill it.

Perhaps Kelly will offer some insight when she sits down with Tucker Carlson as to her plans for the future.

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