Keith Olberman says he hopes Trump is assassinated

By Jen Krausz on
 March 19, 2024

Former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann got major pushback Saturday for posting a wish for former President Donald Trump to be assassinated, couched as a joke, on X.

Olbermann replied to a Biden-Harris post consisting of a video of a Trump speech that the account had captioned: "Trump says he has been treated worse than Abraham Lincoln, who was assassinated.”

Olbermann's obnoxious reply: "There's always hope."

The reply was removed by X, which said it violated the platform's rules, but the comments about it remain.

A scolding

Before its removal, many users saw fit to scold Olbermann over his words, which could be taken as a death threat against Trump.

"You do realize that calling for the assassination of political opposition would make you the bad guys...right?" a user called Clandestine posted.

Spitfire reported the post to @Safety and @Support as a "TOS violation" and suggested, "Perhaps @SecretService should pay Keith a visit. We all know Keith is mentally unstable."

A patriot named Sandra with an American flag after her name reacted saying, "My gawd. Did he really say that????? I dislike a lot of people, but would never wish death upon them."

Doug Ross simply posted, "Seek help."

A long history

Olbermann has a long history of making inflammatory statements regarding Trump and other people he dislikes on social media, even after he was booted from cable news.

Last September he called Bill Maher a "scumbag" for criticizing the Hollywood writers strike. Maher is a liberal by any standard.

He told champion swimmer Riley Gaines she "sucked" at swimming during the controversy over transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, who was able to beat Gaines because he is biologically male.

In February 2023, he demanded that blue states wage "economic civil war" on red states(never mind that they would lose in a landslide if they did). Basically, he has lost the plot and descended into a political uber-ideology that just makes him look ridiculous, but he's so hyperpartisan he can't see it.

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