Keith Ellison says he might resign from the DNC

A major Democrat figure just dropped a bombshell on the Democrat party.

Keith Ellison, who is currently serving as the Democratic National Committee (DNC) deputy chair, is considering resigning from the position.

Looking Elsewhere

Ellison was tagged as an up and coming star in the Democratic Party.

When the havoc started happening at the top of the DNC food chain during the presidential election, many expected Ellison to come out on top.

The fact that Tom Perez beat him out to be the top dog surely did not sit well with Ellison.

Now, Ellison appears to have other plans for his political future.

His reason for resigning the position, if he does, is to run for State Attorney General of Minnesota.

Ellison told WCCO Radio on Wednesday, “I need to put 100 percent of my time, energy, and resources into the race and my office, so it [resigning] is something I am considering.”

Abuse Allegations

As Democrats have ferociously attacked Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh over the allegations made against him, Ellison has basically gone unscathed over abuse allegations levied against him.

Ellison’s former girlfriend, Karen Monahan, has made some very disturbing allegations against the Democrat.

According to Monahan, she was regularly abused by Ellison.

Last week, Monahan tweeted out a doctor’s report from the time to help prove her case.

In addition, Monahan claims to have a video showing Ellison dragging her off a bed and cursing at her.

Thus far, she has refused to release the video, writing defiantly on Twitter, “You are not entitled to my pain and trauma. You are not entitled to see me getting dragged, when my body is being exposed in more ways than one.”

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Oddly enough, Democrats have not called for Ellison to be removed from his position at the DNC over the incident.

In addition, they have not asked for an FBI investigation into the charges to see if Monahan’s claims are legitimate or not.

Monahan is finding out for herself just how one-sided the Democrats are — and she’s not happy.

You see, someone is only a “survivor” or “victim” worthy of support by Democrats if the allegations are made against a conservative.

Otherwise, as we have also seen with Bill Clinton and dozens of other liberals, Democrats are simply not interested in the case.

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