Report: Keith Ellison considers resigning as DNC chair to focus on attorney general campaign

One prominent member of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) may be about to step down.

Keith Ellison, the deputy chair of the DNC, announced on Wednesday that he is considering resigning his post, citing a desire to put all of his time and effort into running for Minnesota attorney general. 

Ellison’s aspiration

News first came of Ellison’s desire to obtain the state attorney general position in June when he revealed that he would not be seeking a seventh term in Congress. Now, it appears that he is going one step further.

In an interview with WCCO radio, Ellison revealed that he has been contemplating resignation from the DNC.

“You know, I’ve been evaluating that recently, so we’ll see,” he said. With far left support, Ellison first attempted to obtain the chairmanship of the DNC last year, but he lost to former President Barack Obama’s Secretary of Labor Tom Perez.

Ellison went on to explain that he wants the attorney general position so badly that he is willing to put all of his eggs into that basket, saying: “I need to put 100 percent of my time, energy, and resources into the race and my office, so it is something I am considering.”

Tough road ahead

If Ellison is going to win Minnesota’s attorney generalship, he is going to have a hard time in light of recent allegations. Ex-girlfriend Karen Monahan has come forward to accuse Ellison of physical and emotional abuse that took place in 2016.

According to Monahan, a “video” exists that shows Ellison dragging her off to bed while swearing at her. However, Monahan has been reluctant to produce this evidence, citing a variety of reasons.

Monahan recently attempted to provide further proof, tweeting medical records from 2017 that appear to show that she did tell her doctor about abuse at the hands of Ellison. However, the report did not show any physical evidence of it.

Ellison’s side of the story

From the outset, Ellison has denied Monahan’s allegations. He believes that he is supported by an internal investigation that was conducted by Minnesota’s Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, which found Monahan’s claims to be unsubstantiated.

Since the allegations were made public, Ellison’s popularity has taken a big hit. Opponents in debates also continue to make him face the claims, asking whether more will come forward.

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“Look, in this political environment, I don’t know what somebody might cook up,” he said. “But I could tell you that there is absolutely nobody that I am aware of who has any sort of—who is threatening or suggesting or who has ever made a prior accusation about me.”

One can’t help but wonder whether this is playing a role in Ellison’s contemplation of resigning from the DNC.

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