Kayleigh McEnany says Trump is ‘appalled’ over ‘cancel culture’ targeting police shows, toys 

As the Black Lives Matter movement and other activist groups call for defunding police forces, several other related aspects of society have also been caught up in the push to cancel cops.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany addressed this issue by taking aim at Hollywood elites who have pulled the plug on television programs featuring law enforcement, as reported by Breitbart.

“Keen on seeing the violence in our streets end”

Her comments came during a press briefing on Friday and she asserted that the Trump administration is “appalled” by the anti-police behavior.

McEnany stressed that President Donald Trump is “very keen on seeing the violence in our streets end” and remains committed to intervening where he believes local leaders have not responded sufficiently.

She then turned her attention to the “cancel culture,” and specifically as it relates to the law enforcement community.

“We saw a few weeks ago that PAW Patrol, a cartoon show about cops, was canceled,” she said. “The show Cops was canceled. Live PD was canceled. Lego halted the sales of their Lego City Police Station.”

While correct about the shows Cops and Live PD, fact-checkers later noted that PAW Patrol continued to air and police-themed Lego sets remained available on the company’s website.

“One of the most important jobs in this country”

In any case, McEnany arrived at her main point, which is that the administration remains an ally of the men and women of U.S. law enforcement.

“It’s really unfortunate because I stand with, and the president stands with the 63% of Americans who think police officers are one of the most important jobs in this country,” she said.

While criticism from the Trump administration might not reverse the decision of major networks, a negative impact on their profits very well could.

As an example, Fox News recently reported that A&E lost roughly half of its viewers since canceling Live PD.

It turns out a lot of viewers actually wanted to see these shows. As for the network executives, it remains to be seen if they are willing to put their profits on the line to join the anti-cop cancel chorus.

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