Kavanaugh’s confirmation odds skyrocket after strong showing at Senate hearing

Public sentiment about Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s chances of being confirmed to the Supreme Court was all gloom and doom Thursday morning.

But after Kavanaugh’s passionate testimony during the Senate hearing Thursday, PredictIt, a website that trades on public events, had Kavanaugh’s stock literally double within hours.

The Low

When the hearing was first announced, the market for Kavanaugh’s confirmation started going downhill.

While Ford was giving her testimony, the stock slipped all the way down to $0.35.

Public sentiment at this point was that Ford was very believable and sympathetic.

Since the Republicans barely even tried to poke holes in her story during the hearing, that was completely understandable.

On the Rise

But that changed when it was Kavanaugh’s turn to speak.

Slowly, as Kavanaugh defended himself and ripped into the Democrats, his stock started to rise.

On Friday morning, Kavanaugh’s stock was all the way back up to $0.85.

That should not have been much of a surprise to anyone, either.

Kavanaugh’s opening statement was so passionate, several Dems and notable liberals were seen wiping tears from their eyes.

While some Republicans were hesitant to commit to Kavanaugh, that too changed after his testimony.

It is very clear he will make it out of the Judiciary Committee, as Republicans hold an 11-10 edge.

The question, now, though, is if Kavanaugh’ testimony held up enough to convince both Democrats and Republicans in the Senate that were on the fence.

Due to today’s political climate, we already know that for most Democrats, this vote has nothing to do with Kavanaugh and everything to do with Trump.

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Having said that, there are a few reasonable Dems that will vote based on facts, not political lines.

In the end, Kavanaugh should be confirmed, even though the vote will more than likely be one of the closest ever for a confirmed Supreme Court Justice.

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