Former Clinton press secretary says if Kavanaugh is confirmed he ‘will not serve for life’

Democrats are not waiting for the seventh investigation into Brett Kavanaugh to declare him guilty.

Brian Fallon, Hillary Clinton’s former national press secretary, says there is no way Dems will let Kavanaugh “serve for life” if he is confirmed.


The Democrats know they don’t have a case.

They heard Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony.

While they can pretend she was the perfect witness, anyone with common sense could see and hear the holes in her testimony.

However, the Dems are still insisting on throwing darts at Kavanaugh at every opportunity.

Fallon even went so far as to call Kavanaugh an “attempted rapist.”

As many people on Twitter pointed out to Fallon, there is absolutely no proof to support that claim.

Idle Threats

Fallon has stated that the Dems will fight Kavanaugh tooth and nail, even if he is confirmed, and others are making similar threats toward the nominee.

Over the weekend, several high-profile Democrats and liberals demanded that if Kavanaugh is approved, he should recuse himself from any cases involving sexual attacks.

What this tells anyone that can read between the lines is Democrats know the Ford case against Kavanaugh is bunk.

They are already making plans to fight him while he is on the bench because they already know Ford’s case is falling apart more with every passing second.

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Her testimony already had holes in it, but now that people are starting to dig, they are finding even more discrepancies, which is, of course, why Fallon is hitting the panic button.

Fallon can cry and whine all he wants, though, because once Kavanaugh is confirmed, he will be on that bench for life if he so chooses — regardless of Democrats’ protests.

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