Kavanaugh sides with pro-lifers in Louisiana case, but Roberts sides with liberals

The Bushes’ political legacy continues to haunt Donald Trump in so many ways.

The latest blow came when Bush appointee Chief Justice John Roberts sided with liberals on the Supreme Court to block legislation in Louisiana that put more restrictions on abortion clinics.

Crossing the Line

After Trump added two strong conservative justices to the Supreme Court, pro-life advocates hoped the SCOTUS would begin making decisions in support of life.

That is far from what happened, though.

The Lousiana legislation was very similar to Texas legislation that came before the court roughly three years ago. Both laws would restrict doctors from performing at abortion clinics if they did not have admissions rights at hospitals in the immediate area.

When the Texas legislation came before the Supreme Court, Justice Roberts voted against it. He did the same this time with the Louisiana legislation.

Kavanaugh Writes Dissent

The justices voted along conservative and liberal lines, except for Roberts.

The dissenting opinion for this case was written by Justice Kavanaugh, who specifically pointed out a grace period in the Louisiana law that would have given all doctors an additional 45 days to work with local hospitals to gain admission status.

This was important, as those supporting the legislation do not believe abortion clinic doctors were working hard enough to gain admissions privileges with these hospitals.

While this battle was lost, though, the war is not.

The case has merely been shelved for further review at this time, and there is a chance the Supreme Court could still hear the case come next term, which begins in October.

For now, though, Trump and pro-life Americans have to live with the fact that while there is a 5-4 advantage on the court for conservatives, it’s far from guaranteed that the “conservative” justices will stick together when it comes to abortion.

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