Kavanaugh set to remake Supreme Court

Brett Kavanaugh is one step closer to the Supreme Court and it has Democrats VERY worried.

While Kavanaugh has given assurances he will respect precedent and remain neutral if confirmed, Democrats believe once on the bench, Kavanaugh will dramatically change the law on key Democrat issues, such as gay rights and abortion laws.

President Trump

Far too many Democrats are trying to invent crimes by President Trump so they can impeach him.

In 2009, Kavanaugh penned an article in the Minnesota Law Review stating a sitting president should be immune from prosecution.

His reason being an indictment of a sitting president would “cripple” the country.

That theory may be tested very soon if Democrats win a majority.

Kavanaugh’s opening statement last Thursday also has Democrats concerned Kavanaugh will be overly sympathetic towards the GOP.

With Kavanaugh viewing these attacks against him as being orchestrated by the Democrat party, how sympathetic would he be to any overtures of impeachment for Trump?


This has been a subject on the table from the very first day Kavanaugh was named as the nominee.

To this point, Kavanaugh has not given anyone any reason to believe he will actually try to overturn Roe v. Wade.

However, Democrats fear Kavanaugh could vote to put more abortion restrictions in place.

As far as Democrats are concerned, this would be in essence overturning the decision without actually doing it.

Gay Rights

This really seems to be much ado about nothing.

Kavanaugh has already called the Obergefell decision a “landmark precedent,” something he has stated he will respect if put on the bench.

He also expressed some support for an opinion by Kennedy, the Justice he is replacing, on no longer treating gay and lesbian couples like “second-class citizens.”


This is one subject where Kavanaugh may provide the biggest threat to Democrats.

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It was by far the area of concern where he was most coy when questioned during this confirmation hearings.

Repealing Obamacare has been a major focus of this administration and it is a fairly safe assumption Kavanaugh will have a sympathetic ear to the President on this specific issue.

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