Kavanaugh releases calendar from 1982 – it does not show the alleged party

Christine Blasey Ford is having her day in court, but so is Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Brett Kavanaugh, to support his case against Ford’s accusation of sexual assault, has already turned over his 1982 calendar, which shows in great detail what he did that summer.

Strong Case

While a calendar is not the be all, end all, as far as evidence is concerned, Kavanaugh’s calendar will definitely be a blow against Ford’s case.

The calendar itself is obviously written by a young man, but one who was unusually detail oriented.

On the calendar, Kavanaugh listed the dates and locations of parties he attended, along with sporting events, movies, trips, lawn mowing jobs, and sleepovers at his friends’ homes.

He also noted that he had been grounded on several weekends.

By his notes, one would think it would be pretty easy to narrow down the possibilities of he and Ford having crossed paths at a party.

That connection, however, is not there.

If This Were a Court Case…

When charges are filed against someone, there is this little nuisance known as evidence that must be present.

In Ford’s case, she has absolutely nothing other than her own story.

She has listed four other individuals as witnesses, and not one of them has corroborated her story.

To this point, Ford has not even been able to fully describe the details surrounding the alleged event.

Democrats have made this woman out to be a martyr, but the fact remains that no corroborating evidence has been provided.

Ford herself has asked for an FBI investigation into her case, but that is not about to happen.

The FBI has conducted six separate background checks where nothing ever came up about Kavanaugh.

The most damning factor, though, was the fact the Democrats held Ford’s allegations back for so long.

Had Sen. Dianne Feinstein introduced this letter when it first came into her possession, there would have been ample time to investigate Ford’s claims, without triggering the disgraceful circus that we see now.

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Democrats knew this, yet they delayed introducing the information, more than likely because they did not believe the account to be credible either.

Instead, they introduced it at the 11th hour in a blatant attempt to delay the vote on Kavanaugh’s appointment.

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