Kavanaugh promises to ‘always be a team player on this team of nine’ during swearing-in

While Kavanaugh was sworn in on Sunday, his ceremonial swearing-in took place Monday.

During the ceremony, Kavanaugh addressed the nation, reaffirming to America his commitment to disburse justice, not partisanship, and vowing, “I will always be a team player on this team of nine.”


The fact Kavanaugh made it through this process to be confirmed is nothing short of a miracle.

Democrats came at him with everything they had, yet he stood tall and allowed the process to play out.

While he has every right to be angry with Democrats, Kavanaugh has seemingly put it all behind him and is ready to start the next chapter of his life as a Supreme Court Justice.

Thank You

Before getting started with his comments, Kavanaugh made sure to thank President Donald Trump.

Kavanaugh stated he was grateful for the “steadfast, unwavering support throughout this process.”

It was clear, as Kavanaugh spoke, that he did not take the President’s support lightly.

Make no mistake about it, this was just as much a victory for the Trump administration as it was for Kavanaugh.

Watch Kavanaugh’s full speech below:

Get to Work

From all signs, Kavanaugh was anxious to get on the bench and get to work.

In fact, Kavanaugh has already hired his clerks.

Oh, by the way, they all happened to be women.

Kavanaugh is now the first Justice EVER to have an entire staff of women.

One would have to ask, if he is such a shark in shallow waters, why would these women agree to work for him so quickly?

Another good question to ask is what has suddenly happened to Christine Blasey Ford?

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Suddenly, since she no longer serves a purpose for the Democrats, they have dropped her like a hot potato.

Tell us again how her allegations were about protecting women and not politically motivated.

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