Democrats hint that Kavanaugh may have lied about terrorism work

Democrats are leaving no stone unturned in an effort to derail Trump’s Supreme Court nomination pick.

Now, Judge Kavanaugh is being accused of lying during his testimony about his role in the Bush administration’s terrorism policy during his 2006 confirmation hearings.

2006 Testimony

Democrats are circling like vultures around the testimony of Kavanaugh in 2006 when he was being confirmed for his current position on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.

At that confirmation hearing, he was grilled over the Bush administration’s interpretation of torture.

Kavanaugh claimed he had not been included in any communications about the policy, but Democrats think he is lying.

More Papers

In a joint letter written by several Democrat senators, they stated, “We have already seen records that call into serious question whether Judge Kavanaugh was truthful about his involvement in the Bush administration’s post-9/11 terrorism policies when he testified before this committee during his 2006 nomination hearing.”

So far, the committee has released over 100,000 pages when Kavanaugh was serving as Bush’s counsel.

That does not appear to be enough, though, as Democrats are stating there are subsets of these papers they have not yet been given.

Frustration is starting to show within the GOP ranks.

Senator Chuck Grassley’s spokesman, Taylor Foy, stated, “They politicized this process by demanding the search of every scrap of White House paper of the hundreds of aides who came and went during the entire Bush presidency, with the obvious intent of delaying the confirmation vote past the mid-term elections.”

While Grassley and company are crying foul, the Dems continue to insist there are some skeletons buried in Kavanaugh’s closet.

“At least two documents that are publicly available on the Bush Library website from Judge Kavanaugh’s time as Staff Secretary suggest that he was involved in issues related to torture and rendition after 9/11,” they stated.

One would have to think if there was something to this, it would have been discovered back in 2006.

More than likely, this is exactly as Grassley thinks in it being a delay tactic by the Dems.

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Their hope is to delay the final vote until after the mid-terms in the hopes they can gain a majority in the Senate.

If they do that, they can block his confirmation and hold the appointment hostage until Trump would give in and nominate a more progressive candidate.

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